At Zao Essence of Nature, we believe you should be able to feel authentically beautiful and empowered without compromising your health, the animals, and the planet.

Offering the best of Mother Earth, Zao Essence of Nature cosmetics reflect healthy living and a luxurious extension of your natural beauty.

Inspired by a respect for nature found in both Zen and Tao philosophies, our sustainable brand was founded with a commitment to world-class products, sustainability, a minimal carbon footprint, and formulations of 100% natural ingredients derived from organic farming.

Besides, to give you the best level of assurance and serenity that you deserved, our  Quality & Sustainability are officially recognised by well-known international organisations.

We are proud of our unique status as the first refillable make-up brand, Certified 100% Natural, Certified Organic Farming, Certified GMO Free & Gluten-free, and Certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free.

Our Sustainable Commitments are fulfilled!

They are officially certified through international and well-known certifications recognised by professionals for their high standards and the quality of their guarantees.

Our best sourced raw materials are obtained by non-polluting and minimal transformations of plants or minerals. Under our ecological and ethical commitments, we are always looking for new natural ingredients to guarantee you the best ingredients.

All our cosmetics are certified Natural & Organic by Ecocert & labeled Cosmebio*. We always prefer materials from organic farming free of artificial fertilisers & pesticides. Besides that help to minimise the pollution of soil & groundwater, protecting biodiversity and taking care of your health.
The active ingredients contained in organic plants are much more concentrated, that also increases the biocompatibility with your skin.

For the sake of respect of all living creatures, none of our raw materials and none of our finished cosmetics are tested on animals.
We ban the use of ingredients of animal origin, such as beeswax and cochineal.
In addition, our brushes are made of synthetic bristles rather than animal hair.
All Zao products are proudly Vegan & Cruelty-Free certified by PETA

Join the Slow Cosmetic Journey, an Eco-Friendly and Ethical approach based on a widespread will to promote a Natural, Healthy, and Simple way of making sustainable cosmetics.
It defines our core values for SMART, SUSTAINABLE, ECO-FRIENDLY, ETHICAL cosmetics.

We favor bamboo use, one of the fastest-growing plants on earth, a sustainable resource with minimal impact on the environment.
The sustainability of our bamboo is also certified by the Forest Stewardship council 100%.

Thanks to our easy and innovative system, most of our products are refillable. Simply choose a bamboo item that includes makeup on your first purchase and then order refills as you need them.
Cost savings, less packaging, and a makeup tailored to your needs with conveniently rotated shades to match seasons and occasions.

The world's first Refillable Makeup brand

The beauty industry is competitive, and we’re constantly trying to offer skincare and makeup products supporting your lifestyle.

As one of the first organic beauty brands, we’re always proud when our innovative products are recognised.