Bamboo is our cornerstone for our refillable casing and ingredients.

The perfect beauty multitasker...

We are always scouring the world for new and refreshing ideas and ingredients for our cosmetics. One surprising ingredient caught our attention a decade ago, the powerful, versatile, and highly sustainable bamboo plant. Used in most of our range, it’s our signature and may be one of the most important “new” ingredients in modern beauty routine.

...and Sustainability champion

Bamboo is a beautiful, exotic grass that is colourful addition to any garden, however, bamboo has many uses and benefits. Its sustainability and fast growth define it as a highly renewable resource and gain popularity everywhere. Bamboo is taking by storm the beauty world for your benefit.

Bamboo promotes RADIANCE


Bamboo is full of natural silica, an essential mineral that promotes healthy skin and hair. Bamboo contains about 70% silica making it the richest natural source of this mineral which is why we add bamboo extract to our formulations for soft supple skin.

Many people know about a reduction of collagen and aging, but not many people understand how silica production also factors into skin health.

Silica brings keeps our skin supple and radiant. As silica production slows during your life, wrinkles and loose skin are the results. Bamboo extract packs a one-two punch by building collagen deep within the cell and by holding moisture on the surface of your skin. It also works to shield skin from damaging UV rays. We know that skin that is regularly supplied with silica is slower to show signs of aging. 

Bamboo fights AGING


Hardly a surprise there. Pretty much any plant has antioxidant properties, so why should bamboo be the odd one out?
When you put bamboo on the skin, it goes to find and fight the free radicals that cause premature wrinkles.

Silica and collagen reduction are but two factors in the aging process. Another side effect of aging is brought on by hormone changes that compromise our moisture barrier. This outer layer protects us from the environment, pollution and dryness. Bamboo extract has great skin benefits. It works to strengthen our barrier to protect and restore the skin’s resilience

Bamboo prevents ACNE


Silica works to rebuild and regenerate the connective tissues in our hair and skin. It can therefore help combat mild to moderate acne. By increasing collagen production, bamboo extract works to ensure the outer layers of the skin are healthy.

This, therefore, protects the skin from inflammation and irritation. Remember, too, that bamboo extract also has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities.

By strengthening the outer skin’s barrier, your skin is less susceptible to breakouts and acne.



Bamboo has excellent moisturising properties. Adding bamboo to your beauty routine will help strengthen your skin's overall health.

Bamboo HEALS


Bamboo extract is a powerhouse for cell growth and rejuvenates your skin. Anti-microbial, it kickstarts the detoxification process, freeing your skin of the free radicals that attack it on daily basis.

Plus, if you’ve had a bit too much time in the sun and are suffering because of it, grab some bamboo serum and slather it on over your skin – it’ll really help to take the heat out.