Going zero-waste is an intentional process. Remember that it doesn't happen overnight.
Here's what we are doing to make sure we are part of the solution and not the problem.


Everything you need to enhance your Natural Beauty while protecting your skin,
inside and out, can be found in nature. So that's where we get our ingredients from.

ZAO cosmetics are formulated and practised with respect for the environment. We favour the least processed natural and organic ingredients in its formulas, excluding any ingredient derived from synthetic chemistry, petrochemicals, the plastics industry, as well as any potentially polluting ingredient for the environment or the body.

To this end, it uses ingredients from available resources that bring something positive to the skin.


It encourages us to consume less but better

We strive to minimise our ecological impact in all fields of our activity without exception and therefore favours short cycles and exchanges at the local level and zero waste.

We focus on plants and minerals with low environmental impact. It excludes any ingredient and technique potentially harmful to the environment, humankind, or animals.


You may wonder why we don’t use bioplastic, but ZAO feels this is not the best answer given the lack of recycling facilities globally that can handle bioplastic.

Indeed, Bioplastic needs help to degrade, so is not compostable and so requires specific facilities to make it sustainable, and can also contaminate existing recyclable plastic.
We are continuously researching more sustainable solutions and hopefully, some new packaging innovations or recycling methods will soon emerge on the back of the anti-plastic movement.

Our pressed powders are now plastic-free, as they are based in a tin pan packed into a biodegradable cardboard envelope.
We are still working to find a better packaging solution that does not crush our Mineral Cooked Powders and Compact Foundations being domed.

Nail Polishes and Silk foundation are sold in a glass bottle with a bamboo lid, although it does require a small amount of plastic inside to make the screw mechanism function.
We got feedback to say consumers wanted a pump but now the plastic issue has been highlighted, there is now a call for the pump to be removed, so it may disappear at some point! Refills use recyclable PP plastic and are free of the outer packaging.

Lipsticks and concealers come with an inner plastic tube and mechanism, which comprises the refill. The refill is packaged in recyclable shrink-wrap PET plastic.
Our skincare range is sold in recyclable PET plastic and is not refillable due to hygiene regulations (water-based products could be contaminated without a very sophisticated refill system)


The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.

Controlled harvested bamboo makes our meticulously crafted packaging stylish, elegant, timeless, and durable. Our bamboo is also certified by the Forest Stewardship council 100%.

The finalisation of our products requires a lot of manual operations. ZAO cosmetics offer a gateway to the "ordinary environment" for workers with disabilities in a medical-social environment.

They carry out the complete assembly of ZAO products (refillability, pouch packaging) as well as the digital printing of all labeling. Thank heaps for your support in their employment.


Good design is sustainable design.

To prepare your parcel we use unprinted cardboard boxes or envelopes. There are environmentally friendly padded with corrugated cardboard. For cushioning our delicate products, we use recycled biodegradable eco peanuts made from corn starch.

All our boxes are wrapped into kraft paper wrappings sealed with kraft or eco tape.

For posting, your present will be labeled with a minimally printed kraft label. To minimise waste, you won’t receive any printed packing slip. Please refer to your emails.


Shipping that's good for the world.

Our Carrier is Australia's first 100% carbon neutral shipping service and a certified B corporation. That means you get your goods where they are going while taking care of the planet.

Because we care how business gets done.

Support Sustainable Companies

Basically, all cardboard and paper can be used in the compost heap or the garden but some printed or shiny cardboard does take longer to breakdown with the risk to contaminate your soil. Please Think twice about the packaging.

Be aware that a certain volume of cosmetics brands are just doing marketed labeling without real vision or commitments for a better world.

The planet and we deserve better than that!