A cosmetic being organic isn’t enough to change the world, the company offering it must be committed or innovating in the right direction!

Today, Slow Cosmétique is a consumer movement carrying out actions in various countries to raise public awareness and take the right steps for more natural and pure beauty. 

Slow Cosmétique is an eco-friendly and ethical approach based on a widespread will to promote a natural, healthy, and simple way of using cosmetics.

Indeed, some cosmetics are not worth it, the independent slow cosmetic award provide a new quality guarantee for eco-friendly & simple cosmetics made with high consciousness about sustainability from the raw ingredients to the final consumers.

"We are a Movement striving for responsible natural skincare. The current ecological and psychological impact of cosmetics weighs heavy on the planet, for our finances and our state of mind. Faced with this observation, some people say that alternative cosmetics is possible. "


ZAO Essence of Nature Australia